Sunday, 11 March 2012

Scanning the horizon

So long since the last update!  Apologies.

So the hospital scan appointment...

For once the hospital was running vaguely to schedule, and after their ridiculous car park layout, their idiotic car payment meters and their torturous check-in process, we pretty much went straight in for the scan.  I was nervous, but trying not to dwell on it too much.

The cold jelly went on my tummy, and the screen was pointed away from me, although my husband could see it from where he was sitting.  Then the sonographer turned the screen round to me, and there was the baby, dancing away!  I've seen people's scan photos before, and to be honest, I find them quite dull, but to see it actually waving its arms and legs around was something really different.

Then it started sticking its tongue out.  Apparently it was swallowing amniotic fluid.  I thought this was a bit gross, especially apparently as it also pees into the fluid.  Each to their own, I guess.

I then had the blood test (again an administrative fiasco), which in conjunction with the scan gives an estimated chance of Downs Syndrome.  I got the results a week later; a 1:7400 chance, which was classed as low risk.  I felt very pleased with this until I Googled it and found that others had been given a 1:65000 chance.  My maths is poor, but not bad enough to seriously start worrying about this; I mean, it's still a 1:7400 chance, right?

In terms of how I'm feeling, I think I'm getting a bit more energy back (though given half the chance, will still indulge in an afternoon nap), but I'm still being sick.  Only a couple of times a week, but I'm feeling nauseous pretty much all the time.  I haven't weighed myself recently, but when I did a couple of weeks back, I'd lost about 4 lbs.  I'm not too worried though; I'm taking my Pregnacare, so hopefully the baby is getting the vitamins it needs - even if it's leaving me a bit drained.

It was great to see the scan - and great to be able to tell some of our closest friends.  I'm still not telling work yet, as I'm worried that there mysteriously may no longer be a job available for me.  Perhaps I'm overreacting.  Time will tell.

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