Sunday, 25 December 2011

Big fat family Christmas

Happy Christmas!

It's a big family Christmas as usual this year; my husband and I have gone to my parents' house, as has my brother and his girlfriend, plus my 88 year-old grandma, so it's a full house.

One of my best friends - Michela - came round last night with her new baby, Rose, who's now three months old.  Michela has never been a particularly broody person, so it was fascinating for me to see how naturally she seems to have taken to motherhood, and how laid back she is about everything.  I genuinely can't imagine being in charge of another human's life!

Anyway, today we all ate and drank too much, and talked about old times.

In other news, my period was due today, but nothing so far.  I don't feel at all periody, but I don't feel at all - anything.  It's a couple of days late quite frequently (and I have a long cycle of at least 33 days), so I'm not too hopeful.  My husband and I are coming back to London tomorrow.  If I've still no period by the day after Boxing Day, I'll get a pregnancy test from the supermarket.  Look at me, planning ahead!  I'm such a loser!

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