Monday, 5 December 2011

The time has come

"The time has come," the Walrus said, 
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes - and ships - and sealing-wax-  
Of cabbages - and kings - 
And why the sea is boiling hot - 
And whether pigs have wings."

Or in our case, the time has come... to start to try to conceive.  We've decided to go for it; despite there being lots of reasons why we shouldn't (not an ideal time for my career, wouldn't it be better to save more money first? etc. etc.) the truth of the matter is I'm 32 now, and it's not unlikely that it might take us a year to conceive.  So let's roll up those sleeves and get started*.

So, with the help of my trusty iPhone menstrual calendar, I figured out that in December, the week commencing the 5th was my "fertile period".  It seems amazing, putting faith into a free app, but hey ho.

Today was our first "official" session of unprotected sex.  There have been times previously where we've been a bit... lax, but they've been very few and far between.  I'm not a big fan of the contraceptive pill (when I tried it, I had a bad hormonal reaction and felt very down), so we use the old-fashioned, but, so far, reliable, diaphragm.  I would highly recommend the diaphragm by the way.  It's less invasive than hormonal methods, but feels more "natural" than condoms (and you can be a bit more spontaneous too).

Of course, I'm saying it's reliable, but for all I know, I'm completely unable to conceive, diaphragm or no!

So, the unprotected sex... felt really naughty actually - and therefore extremely enjoyable.  There is something delicious about knowing there's nothing at all between the two of you.  It's of course completely psychological, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

After sex, I kept my hips raised on a pillow for half an hour or so.  To be honest, the whole thing feels quite silly.  And still, it feels more like trying to manage a project than create a human.

* This is how you make a baby, right?  Rolling up your sleeves?  Oh.

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