Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Testing times

Well, we're back in London and all unpacked.  StupidCat has settled back into his favourite sleeping position (flat on his back, all four paws in the air) and it's nice to be home.

As I still haven't started my period (and still don't feel even vaguely periody), we picked up a pregnancy test today in Tesco.  They'd sold out of most of them!  I guess that tells you something either a) everyone is as organised as I am and everyone wants a September baby or b) there were a lot of "unplanned encounters" over the festive period!

I'm now three days overdue, so felt that if I was pregnant, I should definitely get a positive result.  Most tests you can take and expect a reliable result from the day you first miss your period.  People say they sometimes "feel" pregnant.  Never having been pregnant before, I don't think I can really claim that one.  I don't feel any different whatsoever, which made me think there's no chance I'm pregnant - it's probably just an extended cycle.

I sneaked a little-used mug out of the kitchen cupboard for a urine sample (don't worry - it'll go in the dishwasher!) and toddled upstairs.  I find it extremely tricky to pee on a stick - why complicate things?  What I wasn't prepared for was how nervous I was.  I know that this is just our first month of trying, and at 32, I'm probably less fertile than I was at 25, so the chances of having conceived were fairly slim.  Nevertheless, my hands were shaking as I opened the packet.

I did the test, and waited the prescribed three minutes.  The tests have two lines that show when you do the test; the first line shows that the test is working; the second line will only appear if you're pregnant.  The control line appeared... and nothing else.  So, not pregnant.

But at £5 a pop, I think I might have a look on eBay and see if I can get some cheaper pregnancy tests for the future.  And maybe an ovulation kit.

I told my husband; we're both fine about it.  But it is strange how shaky I was.  I think it's less to do with desperately wanting a child, and more to do with the scary impact it would have on our lives!

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