Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Enough is enough.  Whilst I'm certain I'm not pregnant (even I can't deny three negative pregnancy tests), I'm beginning to get a bit freaked out by the fact my period feels like it's going to start any second, and yet nothing to show for it.  I'm normally pretty regular - give or take a couple of days - but I'm now ten days late.  I have all the usual symptoms of my period; stomach cramps, tender boobs... but this has been going on for four or five days - with no period!

The reason I'm concerned is I'd still really like to conceive an autumn baby; every day the period doesn't show up means it'll be a day later I ovulate.  And if, for whatever reason, my cycle has gone really screwy, perhaps I need a blast of some type of hormone pill just to get me back on track.

My period's only been this late once before; it was about three years ago, and my husband (a mere "boyfriend") back then, and I had had our only session of unprotected sex... and my period was late.  I was freaking out; I'd just started a new job and he was out of work.  The timing was less than ideal.  However, two pregnancy tests showed up negative, and when I went to see the doctor, he did a third, and convinced me I was definitely 100% not pregnant.  A few days later I got my period.  And oh, God, what a period.  The worst cramping I'd ever had, sickness diarrhoea - the works.  I remember lying on the cold floor tiles in a bathroom with no radiator, crying, unable to move as every time I moved even slightly, the spasming would start again.

So the period pains I'm having at the moment have put my back up - I'm apprehensive that it's going to be one of the worst periods I've ever had.  And so it's so frustrating that I can't just start and get it over with.

I've made an appointment with the private GP near where I work for tomorrow to hopefully get some advice.

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