Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hello dot!

Wow.  Long time, no update. 

My husband and I (crikey, I sound like the Queen) went to MyUltrababy near Canary Wharf about a week ago for the early scan.  I was a day off 8 weeks, by my calculations, though was still concerned as to why I'd had so many negative pregnancy tests after my period was due.

Before the scan I had to drink 2.5 pints of water.  That is a lot of water.  Considering I'm currently running to the toilets twice as often as usual at the moment anyway, that was practically an obscene amount of water.  Of course, it wasn't helped by a little girl in the waiting room at the clinic, for whom the greatest toy in the word - ever was playing with the water dispenser.  One of those ones that dispenses water in a noisy trickle to a paper cup... and then goes GLUG GLUG GLUG as the bubbles rise to the top.  I swear I nearly weed myself there and then.

So we went into the clinic bang on time, and the sonographer (is that what they're called?) rubbed the cold jelly on my stomach.  All I could see was a massive empty sac.  My heart sank.  Or beat faster.  Or did something.  Then she zoomed in.  And then zoomed in again.  And suddenly there was a tiny dot there.

To get a better view, the sonographer recommended an internal scan.  She actually let me go to the toilet before this, which was much appreciated!  Then I basically had a thin metal willy inserted in me, and the same sort of scan was done again... and this time she found a heartbeat!  We saw it on screen - a flickering.  She said that I wasn't 8 weeks - she measured it at 5 weeks and 6 days - a mere 2.7mm little dot.  Crazy.  But she said it was a viable pregnancy.

So I guess (I hope) I ovulated late, as this would explain the early negative pregnancy tests (either that or there could be a problem with the development, but I'm trying not to think about that).  I got a print out of the scan (not that there's much to see), and we went home.

So why have I been so slack about blogging?  I'm absolutely exhausted.  Like nothing I've ever known before.  I find it hard to cross the room to pick the remote up to change channel.  I would rather not eat than prepare dinner.  Work is a real chore - not least that (whilst luckily not actually sick yet), I seem to be nauseous constantly.  Which is always a delight on a rush hour tube.

So I will try to update more often.  But honestly, typing anything longer than my name at the moment is a real struggle.  My 12-week scan is booked for the start of March.

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